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Chris Cooper

I guess you can say I’m a late bloomer.

I went university at the age of 37, worked for a few years after and moved away from art. My re engagement has seen me approach my practice in a more open and experimental way. My passion has become stitch, though when I studied textiles I specialised in print more. My mind is excited by what I can visualise and along the way the reality grows and changes into a tangible result.

I have recently started to use found objects in my work and enjoy bringing in a textiles element to tell the story. The process of making for me has become a need and a therapy. I have also worked in education and social care which I have found gives value to my practice and thought process.

I am interested in connecting the written word to the visual experience. The story telling is important to me and helps formulate my process into a more fulfilling result. 

Available for commissions, exhibitions and workshops


Websites: Instagram: printandstitch64

Numonday: (shop) Kitchnstitch

Artaviso: CCboi

Mobile number: 07787437170


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