Jayne Butler

As a long term Oriental brush painter I have a keen interest in the Japanese use of thread, fibre and tone.  ‘Boro’ which is using thread and scraps to repair and prolong the use of fabric items, Mizuhiki, the art of knotting threads to connect and decorate gifts and relay messages have been for me a fascinating study.


I am captivated by discovery of knots, used as a means of joining together, holding, detaining, connecting and even forming messages such as those worked by the Quipu tribes in South America.  My journey now is delving with excited anticipation into and exploring and building on my discoveries

I currently teach creative textiles and am available for talks, workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions.

Contact Details - 


Email :- jaynebutler@me.com

Mobile:- 07828 417 349

Instagram:- Jayne.butler.50

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