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Bernice Hopper

After successfully completing City & Guilds Creative Embroidery I continued to work with textiles until art journalling and mixed media called. My return to textile art came through making a fabric and mixed media book. 

I have continued to develop work that combines mixed media and creative embroidery techniques. I particularly enjoy making books and have taught online workshops making altered books and handmade themed books.


In seeking to find my own voice I spent a year working with a limited colour palette, mostly on the theme of Venice. I then discovered breakdown printing which I love and this set me off on the theme of canals. My husband and I have walked alongside most of the canals in the West Midlands in the past few years.


Another theme that I have developed is based on trips to Florida. Outside of these three themes I make one-off pieces using different techniques and colours.


I am passionate about encouraging people to discover their own creativity not necessarily in art or textiles. I have developed a course to help people with this

Available for: workshops and talks about my work


Instagram: @msbernice7



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