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Weavers Gallery, Ledbury HR8 1DW

17-22 October 2022

Develop gradually by a natural process; work out or devise; unfold, open out...” (OED)

Develop, advance, grow, progress, maturation, production, formation...” (Roget)


Evolve has been our exhibition theme for 2021-2022.  We chose this theme to respond both to current concerns about the environment, climate change, impact of humankind on the world, and for how we develop our own creative practice.  Members' work can encompass a number of themes within the title, from inspirational starting points to use of specific processes and production.  The scope is broad and we all have individual creative journeys to take within the theme of Evolve.

Midlands Textile Forum has been in existence since 2007.  We are not a static group, but take on new members after an application and interview process.  Between us we have a wide variety of backgrounds; some have worked professionally in the creative arts for many years, some have followed other careers but with an interest and passion for all things textile, whilst others may have started their textile journey later in life.

The diversity of the textile mediums we employ can include traditional techniques used in a contemporary way, from stitching and quilting, through to lace, knotting, weave, print, painting on cloth, digital manipulation etc.  We see this as the strength of MTF along with our commitment to sharing our love of textile art through exhibiting.


All exhibited work is curated and hung (if required) by a small team of experienced members who have the final say in whether a piece of work can be included or not.  Most work is presented as a hanging/wall piece but can include installation and three dimensional pieces.  Outcomes can be conceptual, abstract, semi abstract or realistic.  Our experience has taught us that a good theme and good curation can bring a diverse range of work together to produce an excellent exhibition.  Each member is free to develop their work individually having researched a particular aspect of our exhibition theme.

Midlands Textile Forum meet regularly throughout the year and at various venues around the region.  Meetings vary, development sessions are where we show and talk about our own work and share the processes and techniques we are using at the moment.  Other members give constructive feedback and often a lively but helpful discussion will suggest various ways forward with the work.

Other meetings focus on the 'business' of the forum.  All members are involved in the various aspects of this. Currently many of our meetings are on Zoom

We welcome new members. If you are interested in finding out more about us and attending a meeting, please let us know via the contacts page.