Future Events


Weavers Gallery

Ledbury, HR8 1DW

19-25 October 2020 (tbc)

We are working towards an exhibition for 2020. The exhibition “Discoveries” will be about our creative journey as textile artists. The starting places are many and various and the results may not be what we expected or anticipated. Some will use the theme to produce a body of work based on ‘discoverers’, whether scientists, writers, explorers, or on events or places. Others will explore their ideas through internal thoughts, feelings and reflections. By research, chance find or personal search we also aim to discover and explore new techniques and find new ways to work. Join us on this voyage of exploration and see what we’ve discovered.

Unfortunately our exhibition planned in April/May and July have been postponed due to Covid 19 restrictions. We are now hoping to show the Discoveries exhibition in the Weavers Gallery in Ledbury on 19-25 October 2020. We have further exhibitions booked for January-March and April-June 2021, but we have no idea if these will go ahead

Midlands Textile Forum meet regularly throughout the year and at various venues around the region.  Meetings vary, development sessions are where we show and talk about our own work and share the processes and techniques we are using at the moment.  Other members give constructive feedback and often a lively but helpful discussion will suggest various ways forward with the work.

Other meetings focus on the 'business' of the forum.  All members are involved in the various aspects of this.

If you are interested in finding out more about us and attending a meeting, please email us on info@midlandstextileforum.com, or via the contacts page.

To find out more about the forum and how you can get involved, please contact us by email:info@midlandstextileforum.com

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