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To find out more about the forum and how you can get involved please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Application process for new members


We are a small exhibiting group, with no formal system of personal development within the group. We welcome any artists who are interested in joining us to come to one of our meetings to meet members of the Forum and see what we do. Due to the recent volume of applications, we will now review any applications at two points in the year, the end of October and end of March.


Potential new members should send an expression of interest to the Forum via our web site. Your application should show how you are developing your creative practice. For example, highlighting key works, major influences, or areas of investigation that have moved you forwards. Tell us about your learning journey. For example, courses attended, exhibiting, membership of groups. Tell us what you would value from membership of MTF and what you could contribute to the group.


If the group agrees to consider your application, we’ll make arrangements for at least two members to meet with you informally. After consultation with all the members our decision will be sent by email to the applicant.

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