Janet Gilbert

My not quite daily walk follows the same route and the same direction each time, allowing me both knowingly and subconsciously to discover the landscape that surrounds me.  This very landscape is unremarkable, the gentle slopes of mainly worked land – fields, footpaths and woods, but it is also extraordinary in its small details.


My practice celebrates the ordinariness of this land, intertwining these influences, allowing the visual memories, the history, the repetitions and patterns, the colours and textures to converge in abstract textile based art work.  Reflecting the layers of the land, I also build layers by various forms of printing, painting, collage and stitching.  The repetition of the mark making is important to me, a visual reflection of the process of walking, one foot in front of another, meditative and allowing my mind to wander too.  Stitching gives a similar meditation, one stitch after another.  I’m just not able to combine the two together.

Available for: talks, workshops, demonstrations and commissions

Contact Details -

Email: me@janetgilbertartist.com

Website: www.janetgilbertartist.com 

Instagram: janetgtextileartist

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