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Jo Hall

I am a multi-media textile artist and educator living and working in Leicestershire. My main role is an FE teacher of fashion and textiles however my textile art has developed since lockdown allowing me to focus more upon myself and the gentle therapy that sewing brings to me. 

I have a textiles degree from Loughborough and have always been creative and passionate in designing for both 2D and 3D forms.   My working practice takes a very artistic approach using exhibitions and trends to inspire my textiles. I begin any new work with sampling, exploring, playing, and using new techniques and processes to develop cloth experiments and layouts.  I generally focus on hand embroidery, crazy patchwork, and machine embroidery. I enjoy combining both quick and slow techniques to give my work a very tactile yet abstract feel.

My textile art gravitates towards working with wool and yarn as a base, I create textiles by using loops in a suitable linear format or by using dissolvable film and bondaweb. I also combine and reuse old fabrics and trims into my works making my textile art as one offs.

Living in a city I take inspiration from the park plants especially around the detail and scale of the large tree leaves and seed heads. I follow the transitions of these environmental changes over the seasons through drawing and photography. I sometimes subconsciously create grid like structures within my work which enhances the abstract feel to my work

Available for: talks, workshops, demonstrations and commissions

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