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Sarah Cage

As a machine embroiderer and knitter/weaver/lace maker I enjoy exploring textile construction methods and experimenting, combining different techniques and unusual materials to produce textured and three-dimensional pieces.  I prefer to work at relatively small scales, producing detailed items and like to experiment with the effect of one colour against another, in weaving/braiding and in layering of transparent and translucent fabrics.  My work is more representational than conceptual, often including landscapes and plants, and more recently figures.

A child in the 50s and 60s, I have a strong “make-do-and-mend/upcycling” ethos, avoiding buying new when I have something that will do for a project, using materials economically and saving scraps for later use.  I have also inherited something from family involvement in the Arts and Crafts movement – things should be practical as well as beautiful – and find it difficult to make items purely for display. 


​Available for talks, demonstrations, exhibitions and commissions

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Facebook: Textile Designs by Sarah Cage

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